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We Are Lumintu Logic

Lumintu Logic is an IT company that originates from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The word Lumintu itself means continuous service in Javanese. Founded in 2009, Lumintu Logic developed its first products mostly for desktop application environment.

As we are bound to the principle of continuous service, we realize that we must follow the ongoing development in IT industry. Therefore, we are now providing applications for web environment and continuously adapting into using new frameworks. We are also maintaining the availability of services by investing in new infrastructures that we mainly use as the home for our SaaS (Software as a Service).

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Why Us?

We are offering specially tailored products for your unique business process


Our service is rendered for as long as it is used in your business environment. We will make sure that our products quality does not burden your daily business process.

User Assistance

We understand that every business needs to grow, and therefore we are there for you to be your trusted companion to consult about the heading of your growth from IT's perspective.


Business process of each respective enterprise is a unique proprietary that needs to stay unique in order to become the market leader. As your partner, we will adapt to your needs and your competitive spirit.


From small enterprise to big enterprise, we can conform our service gradually to your IT budget.

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